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Branding Immediately After Opening a Business – Good or Bad?

Many new businesses often ask us: When is the right time to invest in branding? Should this investment take place immediately after opening the business, or after a year or two of success and stability?
This is our response:
A logo adds business respectability. Design precision helps you get your message across and lets your customer know that your business matters.
A business that invests in branding is creating a new language, which is not only reflected in the logo. This language expresses the company’s values and beliefs. The language helps potential customers know what the company is all about, right from the start.
A professionally designed logo will help you tell your story. This story is essential for establishing an emotional connection with your customers. This is important if you want people to remember your brand. People forget many things, but they always remember how something made them feel.
This is why I don’t believe in not creating a logo, or in free “homemade” logos that save money. You always get what you paid for. Bad design can cause significant damage to business reputation – and it’s very hard to fix a bad first impression. It also costs more to change logos on signs, clothing, vehicles, company letterhead, etc.
If you do decide to invest in branding and create an authentic brand story, you’re in for a fun adventure. This adventure includes colors, fonts, icons, images – everything your new language needs for all media platforms (website, social media, presentations, packaging and more). Everything is created with unified excellence, in order to maximize positive lasting impact.
To sum up…
A word of advice from experienced professionals: high-quality branding from the get-go will save you money. Convey your message in clear, authentic and unique fashion. This will help you rise above the competition.
Looking to create a brand that will guide your business to future success? Get in touch today. We’ll be happy to schedule a meeting.
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