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Do We Have to Fall in Love with Our New Logo the Very First Time We See It?

When the design studio presents us with our new logo, our expectations are sky high. We want to fall in love. Yet this is not necessarily the right approach. Connecting with a new logo takes time. It is a thoughtful process.

Choosing a logo should not be based on personal color or shape preferences. It should be based on smart marketing criteria:
1. Keep it simple
2. Make it memorable
3. The logo should convey the brand’s unique character
4. The logo should be appropriate for all marketing platforms – signs, menus, website, etc.
5. The logo should be easy to comprehend visually, and must be directly connected to the ideas affiliated with your brand.

Here are some logo no-no’s:
1. Stay away from generic logos. Logos must be brand-centric.
2. Make sure the logo isn’t too complex – too many colors and shapes strain the eyes.

We aspire to create logos that balance simplicity with uniqueness. It’s not always an easy task, but then again, creative magic never is.
Take for example the world’s biggest companies. The bigger the company, the simpler the logo. Apple’s logo is a unicolored apple. Nike’s logo is the famous swish. Simple, unique, delightful.
Simple, consistent logos are the ones we remember most. The visual language is dynamic, and can be altered to fit specific marketing or advertising needs – yet the logo must remain consistent.
No matter where it is exhibited, the logo must always look great. It is one of your most important sales tools. It is one of the key elements that promote brand strength over time.
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